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View Cloud Families


API Details

List Cloud Families for a Tenant


Displays information for each cloud family or for a specified cloud family within the specified tenant.

  • v1/cloudfamilies
  • v1/cloudfamilies/cloudfamiliesId
CloudCenter Release
  • Introduced in CloudCenter 4.0.
  • Enhanced in CloudCenter 4.7.2 to include the Alibaba Cloud in the cloudFamilies and the  cloudFamiliesId attributes.
  • For additional context on <PORT> usage in the following example(s), see Base URI Format.
  • The CloudCenter GET APIs display up to 20 entities in the listing by default. If you have more than 20 entities in your resource listing, use the pagination query parameters to view them beyond the first 20 entities returned by default. See the CloudCenter API Overview  > Pagination  section for additional context.
  • If you include a cloudFamiliesId to identify a cloud family, the response includes information for that cloud family only. 
  • The pageResource attributes do not apply to this API.
ESB Header
  • action: get.cloudfamilies
  • action: get.cloudfamilies.cloudfamiliesId

Example 1 -Cloud Family

curl -k -X GET -H "Accept: application/json" -u cliqradmin:40E45DBE57E35ECB "https://<HOST>:<PORT>/v1/cloudfamilies/Amazon"


Example 2 – Cloud Families

curl -k -X GET -H "Accept: application/json" -u cliqradmin:40E45DBE57E35ECB "https://<HOST>:<PORT>/v1/cloudfamilies"



Request Attributes


The id attribute for a cloudFamiliesId is an alphabetic string, instead of the numeric integer string generated by the system for other CloudCenter resources.

Response Attributes

  • Description: The cloud provider information for the identified Public Clouds or Datacenters and Private Clouds
  • Type: Array of mapped attributes

    • Description: Unique, system-generated identifier for a cloud family. Possible values are:

      • Alibaba (effective CloudCenter 4.7.2)  
      • Amazon
      • Azure  
      • AzurePack

      • Cisco
      • CiscoUCSD
      • CloudStack 
      • Cloudn
      • Google
      • Openstack
      • Opsource
      • Rackspace2 (prior to CloudCenter 4.6.0)
      • SoftLayer
      • Vcd
      • Vmware
      • Other
    • Type: String

    • Description: Unique URL to access this resource
    • Type: String
    perms (click for additional details)

    • DescriptionThe name assigned for this CloudCenter ResourceValid characters are letters, numbers, underscores, and spaces.

    • Type: String

    • DescriptionA brief description for this CloudCenter Resource.

    • Type: String
    • Description: Inticates if this is a public cloud. This attribute is useful to identify datacenters and private clouds as features like sync storage and add storage type is not applicable to public clouds.
    • Type: Boolean