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CloudCenter Bundle Store


The bundle store server hosts agent bundles for the application VMs to communicate with the CCO. The agent bundles are called by the base images (or your private images) at deployment time to bootstrap the application VMs. You also need to host the system services framework provided in the CloudCenter Bundle Store (Bundle Store).

For dedicated installations, be sure to review the list in the Dedicated Installation section.

Internet Access

The Internet connection and restrictions in your deployment environment determine the need for the CloudCenter Bundle Store:

  • WITH Internet access: Verify accessibility from the CCO via the Internet to the default location of the Management Agent on CDN ( See Bundle Store Installation (Optional) for additional context.
  • WITHOUT Internet access: Download and install the CloudCenter agent bundle to a HTTP instance that is accessible to your CloudCenter deployment. If your deployment environment lacks Internet access, you need to ensure that the Management Agent and service bundle files are centrally accessible in a locally hosted store (see Custom Image Installation).

Communicating with CCO without Internet Access

For the CloudCenter Bundle Store instance (deployed from the base images) to pull the CloudCenter agent files (see Custom Image Installation) and communicate with the CCO without Internet access, follow this procedure:

  1. Contact CloudCenter Support Team to obtain the CloudCenter Bundle Store file.
  2. Configure an internal CloudCenter Bundle Store to host all CloudCenter agent bundles. The CloudCenter Bundle Store can be a standard Linux VM with an Apache2 HTTP server running on the VM.
  3. Download the CloudCenter Bundle Store (ZIP file) and extract it.
  4. Change the CloudCenter Bundle Store location to reflect the IP address of your internal CloudCenter Bundle Store:
    1. ./ http:internal_bundle_store_ip_address
      where internal_bundle_store_ip_address is the IP address of your internal Bundle Store.
    2. Verify that the IP address that you just set replaces the $bundle_location value in the extracted files.
  5. Upload the modified files to your internal Bundle Store.


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