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CloudCenter Manager (CCM)

The CCM, sometimes referred to as the Manager or the Management server, is a centralized management platform that acts as a dashboard for users to model, migrate and manage deployments, and for unified administration and governance of clouds and users using either Deployment Model.

See HA Best Practices > CCM for additional context on highly available CCMs.

CloudCenter access to various CloudCenter features is provided through the following interfaces:

  • Browser-based CCM User Interface (CCM UI). The CCM enables enterprises to determine the profile for their applications using a browser-based UI. For each deployment, Cisco provides access to the CCM via the <myCloudCenter>.com portal. The CCM coordinates application deployment and management activities on cloud infrastructures and interacts directly with each CCO based on the application profiles for each deployment. Authenticated CloudCenter users interact with the CCM server using the web browser UI, APIs, or the CLI. See Quick UI Tour.
  • Programmatically using REST APIs. See REST API v1.0 for CloudCenter 4.x.
  • CloudCenter Command Line Interface (CLI) based on the rerun Bash framework. See CloudCenter CLI.
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