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Cloud Health Monitor


The Cloud Health Monitor (monitor) is an optional, independent CloudCenter component that monitors the cloud and CCO health status. It consists of two main components:

  • The Health Check Manager: Polls the monitored clouds to collect health status information.
  • The Health Status Query Service: A set of web services that report the cloud health status data.

 The monitor performs the following functions:

  • Periodically checks the health status of the monitored clouds and the CCO for each cloud.
  • Provides web services to query the current cloud health status.
  • Persists cloud health status change events.
  • Provides web services to query current cloud health events.
  • Displays results from these checks on the CCM UI dashboard.

Health Status

The cloud health status is displayed based on the cloud heath and the CCO health:


If the Health Check Manager is shut down, the status is displayed as UNKNOWN.

CCO StatusCloud Status

Cloud Checking is disabled by default. If enabled, the monitor performs operations like create volume, start VM and terminate VM, and so forth. To enable cloud checks, manually change the test_cloud field for the corresponding record to true in the CLOUD_TYPES table for the monitor server and restart the server.


See The Dashboard for additional context.

Configuration and Setup


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