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CloudCenter Deployment Models


CloudCenter is available in two deployment models:

  • Cisco-Hosted Deployments: Cisco hosts subscription-based, CloudCenter-as-a-Service SaaS deployments
  • Customer-Hosted Deployments: Customer hosts their own dedicated, licensed CloudCenter deployment in a customer-determined location.

Cisco has no access to the customer's application data or customer-specific CloudCenter metadata.

Cisco-Hosted SaaS Deployments

This section provides an overview of how you can deploy CloudCenter-as-a-Service. If your enterprise or organization decides to install CloudCenter as a SaaS deployment, contact CloudCenter Support.

For this model, Cisco hosts the CCM and the CCO for each deployment. Customers can optionally host additional CCOs on their private environments to manage additional private clouds.

For Cisco-hosted models SaaS deployments:

  • CloudCenter deploys one CCO in every CloudCenter-Supported Cloud.
  • Cisco sets up and installs the Enterprise administrator (admin) and provides the credentials to the CCM UI so your enterprise admin(s) can configure VMs and add users.

Once Cisco installs CloudCenter-as-a-Service for your enterprise, enterprises can begin the CCM configuration to add users and groups. If required, you can also purchase additional CCO and install them in your private datacenter.

Hosted Service

If your enterprise has signed a contract with Cisco for a SaaS deployment, be aware of these expectations, dependencies, and guidelines:

  • Cisco hosts your subscription service.
  • Cisco manages the deployment on each cloud.
  • Ciscorequires the logical mapping details for your currently deployed cloud (or cloud of choice) configuration to setup CloudCenter.
  • Cisco handles the virtual appliance installation.
  • You can additionally host CCOs on your enterprise's private datacenters.
  • Cisco sets up the Enterprise (tenant) admin and provides the credentials.
  • Your enterprise admin can start adding users and/or sub-tenant admins based on your contract.

  • Your enterprise can now begin Application DiscoveryGovern and Administer and Manage the CloudCenter platform.

Customer-Hosted Dedicated Deployments

When an enterprise or organization decides to install CloudCenter within their premises, CloudCenter is hosted and managed at hosting facilities such as the organization’s datacenters and/or public cloud providers. Organizations can purchase and install as many CCO depending on the clouds they need to manage.

Dedicated Service

If your enterprise has singed a contract with Cisco for a dedicated deployment, be aware of these expectations, dependencies, and guidelines:


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