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Installation Overview

Installation Components

To install the CloudCenter platform, you must install and configure the following components.

No.Component (see  CloudCenter Architecture)Required?
1CloudCenter Manager (CCM)Required

Per Cloud Region


For each public cloud region, private cloud, or data center that must be supported by the CloudCenter deployment, you must install the following components:

2aCloudCenter Orchestrator (CCO)Required
2bMessage Broker (AMQP)Required
2cDedicated External Script Executor (based on OS version)Conditional
2dDedicated Guacamole serverOptional
3Health MonitorOptional
4Bundle StoreOptional
5Package StoreConditional
6Dedicated Docker Registry for ServicesOptional
7Linux Base OS ImageOptional
8Windows Base OS ImageOptional

Installation Options

CloudCenter can be setup using one of two options:

  • Installers – The Manual Installation option allows you the flexibility to use your custom base OS images.
    • All installer files are available in the …-installer-artifacts.tar file (available from to a folder of your choice).
    • Un-tar the downloaded file. 
  • Appliances – The Appliance Installation components are provided by Cisco and contains specific images that are tailored for some cloud providers.
    • All appliance files are available in the corresponding image-based appliance file for each CloudCenter component.
    • See the README file (available from to the a folder of your choice) to obtain instructions on the files that you download the appliances.




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