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Supported Public Clouds

Cisco supports the following public clouds and managed private clouds. The following table identifies the cloud regions that are currently available out-of-the-box with Cisco-Hosted Deployment Models. Cisco makes these available to all CloudCenter customers. Some public clouds are also delivered as managed private clouds and included in this list.


Cloud Family

Regions Available in CloudCenter-as-a-Service




Amazon Web Services





US East (Virginia)

US East (Ohio)

US West (Northern California)

US West (Oregon)

US GovCloud West

Canada (Central)

EU West (Ireland)

EU Central (Frankfurt)
Asia Pacific North East (Tokyo)
Asia Pacific South East (Singapore)
Asia Pacific North East (Seoul)
Asia Pacific South East (Sydney)
CN North (Beijing)
SA East (São Paulo)

Google Compute Platform

Google-us-central1 (Central US)



vCloud Air Dedicated Cloud


Microsoft Azure

Azure-us-east (Virginia)

Azure-europe-north (Ireland)
Azure-japan-west (Osaka) 
Azure-china-north (Beijing)
Azure-china-east (Shanghai) 
Azure-japan-east (Saitama)
Azure-europe-west (Netherlands)
Azure-us-west (California) 
Azure-us-gov (Iowa)
5Microsoft Azure Resource Manager (RM)Brazil South (Sao Paulo State)
Southeast Asia (Singapore)
US East (Virginia)
US Central (Iowa)
Europe North (Ireland)
Europe West (Netherlands)
Australia East (New South Wales)
Japan East (Saitama)
East Asia (Hong Kong)
Japan West (Osaka)
US East 2 (Virginia)
US North Central (Illinois)
Australia Southeast (Victoria)
US West (California)
US South Central (Texas)

UK South (London)

UK West (Cardiff)



Dimension Data (MCP 1.0, legacy, and MCP 2.0)



US East

US East2

US West

US - West - MCP 2.0 – NA12
US - East 3 - MCP 2.0  NA9
EU London

NTT Data

NTT Data (managed private)


NTT America

NTT America (managed private)


IBM SoftLayer

SoftLayer-dal-09 (Dallas 09 USA)

SoftLayer-dal-01 (Dallas 01 USA)

SoftLayer-sjc-01 (San Jose 01 USA)

SoftLayer-sjc-03 (San Jose 03 USA)

Softlayer-sao-01 (Sao Paulo 01) *