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Register the CCO with the CCM

CloudCenter requires a dedicated CCO for each cloud region.

CloudCenter 4.6.x


Once you register a CCO with the CCM, the CloudCenter platform considers this cloud region to be active and you cannot delete the cloud region from the CloudCenter platform.

To register the CCO with the CCM, follow this procedure:

  1. If you are not already at this page, verify that you are in the Admin > Clouds > Configure Regions for the required cloud)
  2. Click Configure Orchestrator in the Regions tab.
  3. In the Configure Orchestrator popup, provide the CCO's IP address that is accessible by CCM and select the cloud account that is used to host the CCO:
    1. Orchestrator IP or DNS: Provide the IP or DNS address for the CCO server.
    2. Remote Desktop Gateway DNS or IP: The IP address of the Guacamole server (enables browser-based access to the VMs). If the Gucamole component resides in the AMQP server, provide the IP address of the AMQP server.

    3. Cloud Account: Select the cloud account that you want to use with this CCO.

      Amazon Cloud Nuance


      This setting is important if you have configured an IAM Role. Be sure to select the cloud account that contains this role.

  4. Click Save. The CCM and CCO have now established a mutual trust relationship. The CloudCenter platform now manages the cloud region with the deployed CCO.
  5. Repeat Step 2 to Step 4 to establish a mutual trust between the CCM and other CCOs.

You have registered the CCO VM and completed your configuration. You have two options at point:

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