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Supported Services

Cisco does not provide out-of-box image mapping for  Datacenters and Private Clouds. Once you set up image mapping (see Map Images) for application VMs, CloudCenter out-of-box services (listed in this page) are automatically displayed in the CCM UI.
See Service Properties  for details on configuring these services.

Application VM Support

When installing the CloudCenter platform, the following services are dynamically displayed (out-of-box) for each application VM (as installed on CentOS6.x images):

Service TypeServiceVersionLicense
Frontend Cache


4.0.4BSD License
Load BalancerHAProxy1.5.4GPLv2
Nginx1.0.15FreeBSD License
Web ServerApache22.2.15Apache License 2.0
Geronimo33.0.0Apache License 2.0
IIS7 & 8Windows
Jetty9.0.2Apache License 2.0
Ruby1.8.7 and 1.9.3Ruby, GPLv2, FreeBSD
Ruby on Rails2.3.14

MIT License


Ruby on Rails is only supported on Ubuntu12.04

Tomcat66.0.43Apache License 2.0
Tomcat77.0.59Apache License 2.0
Message BusActiveMQ5.8.0Apache License 2.0
RabbitMQ3.5.1Mozilla Public License
Backend CacheMemcached1.4.4Revised BSD License
File System


0.94LGPL 2.1


SQL Server2008 and 2012Windows
NoSQL DatabaseCassandra2.0.17Apache License 2.0
MongoDB2.6.7GNU AGPL v3.0
OrchestrationChef12.6 (latest)Apache License 2.0


4.3 (latest)Apache License 2.0


1.7.1Apache License 2.0
Jmeter2.12Apache License 2.0


PaaS Support

When installing the CloudCenter platform, the following services are dynamically displayed (out-of-box) for each cloud:

No.CloudCenter Supported ServicesSupported Clouds
1Relational Database Service (RDS)Amazon (latest version)
2Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)Amazon (latest version)

Workflow Support

When installing the CloudCenter platform, the following services are dynamically displayed (out-of-box) for each integration:

No.CloudCenter-Provided ServicesSupported Integration
1UCS Director (Cisco UCSD)Cisco (latest version)

Commercial Support

Cisco additionally provides commercial services that are not included in the above categories due to licensing issues. Some examples include, but are not restricted to, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM WebSphere, Oracale WebLogic, Oracle Database, and WSO2 Application Server. CloudCenter customers and partners can directly model these services or contact your CloudCenter account executive or partner for additional support.



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