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Prerequisite Checker JSON File

After you set up the infrastructure for all the Virtual Appliance Overview, create a CloudCenter Descriptor JSON file that lists all the CloudCenter components with their Component Modes and the IP address that correspond to the infrastructure elements for each mode and role. This descriptor file is used in Phase 3: Run the Prerequisite Checker. This section provides sample descriptor files based on common combination of component modes.

Save the JSON file locally.


The overall file structure depends on the following factors:

  • Modes for each component
  • Number of cloud regions
  • Use of conditional/optional components, repos, and so forth.
  • The unique region names used in this file. Be aware that these names do not need to match up with any cloud or datacenter names. These strings are only used to perform network compliance checks and report results

If you have set up a local Repo server, replace the Bundle Store, Package Store, and Docker Registry values with your server values (along with any other changes specific to your setup). If not, you can use the default values used in the sample Descriptor files below.

If you have configured DNS names, use the DNS names instead of IP addresses.

  •  Descriptor File: Sample 1
  •  Descriptor File: Sample 2
  •  Descriptor File: Sample 3


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