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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Cisco CloudCenter's Key Components?

The key CloudCenter components depends on the version being used.

What does Ticket Priority Mean?

There are four different priorities with which you can open tickets:

UrgentThe CloudCenter platform is not available
HighFailure of a CloudCenter platform feature or function that is critical to customer or user activity
NormalThe CloudCenter platform is functioning, but the issue restricts normal customer or user activity.
LowThere is minimal impact to customer or user activity but a CloudCenter platform configuration change may be required.

What are CloudCenter's Networking Requirements?

Cisco CloudCenter components need to communicate with each other. To enable this communication, you must ensure that certain ports are opened for each component.
See Networking Requirements for additional details.

Where do I Locate the CloudCenter Platform Log Files?

The CloudCenter platform provides different types of log files, each with a corresponding file location.

See Locate Log Files for additional details.

How do I Delete an Admin User?

You cannot delete any user who is a tenant owner.

See Delete Users for additional details.

Which Clouds does CloudCenter Support?

The CloudCenter Platform supports multiple private and public clouds.

Which Virtual Appliances does CloudCenter Support for Platform Installations?

Cisco CloudCenter supports platform installation using base binary files as well as Cisco-provided appliances.

  • Cisco provides base binary files as described in the Installer Packages section.
  • Cisco provides virtual appliances for OpenStack, VMware, and AWS clouds as described in the Virtual Appliances section.

How do I Add or Map Images in CloudCenter?

Image mapping differs based on your cloud as the Image ID differs between clouds.

See Cloud Mapping for Images and Map Images for additional details.

Which OS does Cisco Support?

Cisco supports the two latest versions of each image, unless identified otherwise.

See Base OS Images for a detailed list of Cisco-supported OS images.

What API support does Cisco Provide?

Cisco provides extensive REST API support.

See CloudCenter API Overview for additional details.



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